Golf 6R from Isreal made  made 646hp 763nm!!!
car is tuned with Shay Tuning by Syvecs TFSI PNP kit , OZ-Racing workshop installed
Even though the car had a stock-looking engine bay, in order to manage the power,  the customer had a forged engine to handle it. 
For force induction part, the customer chose to install JDY Performance PTE 5558 turbo kit. it's a bull bolt-on kit, including a turbo, manifold, downpipe, oil pipe, water bypass pipe, charge pipe, turbo inlet, intake pipe, intake filter, Tial MVS filter and a cold side outlet(to intercooler).
For the extra fuel that this kit demands upgraded injectors are installed, and fed by JDY MK6R LPFP kit.
To manage the high torque, Dodson Sportman’s clutches
And it made 646hp 763nm on the legendary Golf 6R!!!
OZ-Racing workshop installed
What a fun car to drive!!!


  • Mk6

    - Brenton
  • I have a 2010 Volkswagen gti mk6, I would like to get performance parts

    - Brenton

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